Han van den Hoek is a Technical Advisor to Power Sustainable Lios with subject matter expertise in Agriculture and Sustainability. Han has 40 years of experience across agriculture management and is the former Chief Agriculture Officer of McCain Foods (“McCain”), a global food company with CAD$10 billion in revenues, sales in 160 countries, and 3,500 farmer-relationships.

After earning a degree in Agriculture in 1980, Han joined McCain and gained experience in agronomy around the world. In 2014, Han was named Global Chief Agriculture Officer. Most recently, Han led the development of McCain’s Sustainable Agriculture strategy, advanced the development of predictive data analytics for agriculture, and in 2019 launched the innovative Farm of the Future program.

Han is an advocate of regenerative agriculture and soil health. He has conducted significant research on the impact of climate change on food production and is a thought leader on the future of farming and sustainable agriculture practices.

Han has served on multiple boards of directors and has participated in the emergence of different sustainable agriculture platforms, including SAI and OP2B. Han brings a deep and broad knowledge of agriculture production, processing, and the development of sustainable food systems.