Who We Are

Investing in sustainable food and agriculture

We partner with companies and people to build a resilient and sustainable food system

Power Sustainable Lios

About Us

Power Sustainable Lios is a specialized North American agri-food private equity investment platform, supporting the sustainability transformation occurring within our food system. We invest in mid-market companies across the food value chain, who are well positioned to prioritize and accelerate this change.

Power Sustainable Lios is part of Power Sustainable, a global multi-platform alternative asset manager investing in sustainable strategies. 

Why Now

Power Sustainable Lios aims to address the structural disruption occurring in the agri-food industry.

Our current food system is facing important challenges; feeding a growing population with limited and depleting resources. Key stakeholder groups, including consumers, employees, investors and government, are expressing growing concern about the current state of our food system and asking for sustainable change from organizations across the value chain. As the scrutiny on food and sustainability will only intensify, the impact will be far-reaching.

We believe companies that proactively elevate environmental and social issues, while engaging to develop solutions, will yield large opportunities for value creation. 

Our Beliefs

Increasing ESG Risks

Companies operating within the food system face increasing long-term sustainability risks given a number of structural industry challenges, including climate change, natural resource constraints, and rapidly changing consumer preferences.

Changing Preferences

Consumers are actively changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability and will switch brands in support of their beliefs.

Sustainability for Growth

The opportunity for change and value creation can be meaningful, deploying targeted and relevant sustainability practices across the organization to drive competitive differentiation, product and process innovation, employee engagement and operational efficiency.

Beyond Compliance

In addition to addressing risk and compliance issues, sustainability initiatives should aim for responsible value creation.

Employee Engagement

Purpose-led organizations have greater employee engagement, increased productivity, attract stronger talent and have lower turnover.

Long-term Tailwinds

The agri-food industry exhibits favorable long-term demand characteristics, constrained supply, and historical underinvestment.